CapaCiTi launches CiTiX


CapaCiTi and BCX have just launched CiTiX – Futured by BCX, a groundbreaking skills development and career-readiness programme directly addressing industry demand and empowering future-thinking South Africans to lead digital innovation in the business sector.


About CapaCiTi

CapaCiTi is CiTi’s skills development and job readiness programme. With over 96% success rate, it is widely acknowledged as one of the best tech skills development and job readiness programmes in South Africa.

The programme provides unemployed youth with coding and tech skills, psychological and mentoring support, corporate readiness training, as well as internship and permanent placement in compatible companies.

CapaCiTi is growing the pool of IT professionals equipped with in-demand digital skills through:

  • Training in market-relevant tech skills
  • Internship and Permanent Job placement programmes
  • Providing access to high quality, previously disadvantaged talent
  • Supporting companies in their efforts to improve diversity and BEE rating
  • Producing work-ready tech talent who integrate faster into the workplace and add value quickly
  • Supporting the development of our partner companies’ internal talent pipelines
  • Reducing the admin burden in sourcing skilled people by providing recruitment administration
  • Being agile in designing and delivering bespoke programmes according to company specifications

Learners trained


Learners placed in internships


Placed in a permanent position

Join a CapaCiTi programme

Collaborating with institutions like the University of Cape Town and IBM, CapaCiTi offers a number of programmes in topics from IT support to software development to business analysis.

Aliens (Barclays Africa Group Limited/Absa) were able to make a difference in the lives of 10 ‘Younglings’ coming directly out of the CapaCiTi programme.CapaCiTi removed most of the admin from the internship and MICT SETA interactions, making it really simple to focus these school-leavers on technnology and software development during their 5-months internship.

It is amazing to see how these young and talented people blossomed and grew in confidence as technologists.

They went the extra mile to create their online code repositories, which should now help to wow future employers.

Alwyn van Wyk

Absa Aliens

The education I received prepared me extensively for my role as a Business Analyst. I liked the fact that our studies were not only focusing on the theoretical component but we had to apply what we learned in practical working environments through an internship. And for this reason, transitioning from being an intern to occupying the role of a Business Analyst was not difficult.

My life was changed forever after I graduated and secured employment with a consulting company. Having worked on complex projects in a year, I am more excited about the future, my growth and career prospects.

Furthermore, the quality of education we received made me very confident in my abilities and provided me with all necessary skills I need in practicing my role. We were taught not only to be IS practitioners but to be the BEST practitioners.”

Zinhle Faith Mahlangu

BASA 2015

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