There has been positive nascent activity in biotech around the African continent, but not many of the ideas or products are coming to fruition in a commercial sense and from a perspective of being able to take it to market or to scale.

CiTi sees enormous potential in biotechnology as a technology that is able to do good and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

BioCiTi, established by CiTi in 2019, is a specialised biotech incubator that provides African entrepreneurs a platform where science, business and investment can come together. The incubator teaches scientists business skills and entrepreneurial skills. It also provides access to the co-working lab space to allow the startups to do work independently of any university.

BioCiTi focus on biotech startups that are late in the research cycle and early in the product cycle. Particular areas of interest include healthcare, agricultural, food, bio-fabrication and biological tools sectors.

BioCiTi 2019 Cohort 1 pitch videos