CapaCiTi is a tech career accelerator for SA graduates and matriculants looking to gain practical in-demand tech skills training, career support & guidance, and a direct connection to employers.

Apply for a 2019 programme today and get started on your IT career.


Are you passionate about IT? Maths? Problem-solving?

Are you a South African Citizen?

Are you between the ages of 18 and 35 years old?

Are you Previously disadvantaged?

Do you have a Matric Certificate?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re eligible to apply!



CapaCiTi offers full-time programmes that run for between 9 – 12 months and typically include:



CapaCiTi Programmes work on a Pay It Forward model. You do not have to pay anything during your programme; instead, you will pay back your training costs in affordable installments every month only once you have a job and are employed full-time. Your installments are used to give another young South African the chance to participate on a CapaCiTi Programme. You’ll also receive a small allowance to help with transport costs during the programme. For some programmes, full bursaries are available from our corporate sponsors.

Get more information about Pay It Forward in the CapaCiTi Info Pack.



You need to register for our CapaCiTi Career Hub to apply for a programme.

  1. Register your profile on the career hub
  2. Check your email inbox and complete your profile, your “online CV”.
  3. Browse upcoming programmes and APPLY for any programme that sounds right for you
  4. We’ll be in touch with an online assessment, and invite you to an information session at one of our campuses if you’re successful.

Once you’ve registered your profile, you can can request to receive programme alerts so you’re the first to know about new CapaCiTi programme opportunities!

Learners trained to date


Learners placed in internships


Learners placed in jobs

Partner Companies


Technical Skills Training Tracks

Develop skills that employers are demanding by learning Tech skills

Career Support & Coaching

Coaching you for success in the workplace with professional skills training.

An Internship

You’ll interview with companies for the chance to apply your skills, gain workplace experience at a leading company.

Career Matching

Networking opportunities. Interview with companies who are hiring for tech positions.

CapaCiTi Community

Ongoing networking, learning opportunities and support.


Where do the programmes run?
CapaCiTi programmes run primarily from our Cape Town CapaCiTi Campus in Salt River, and our Joburg Campus in Milpark. Some programmes may run at one of our partners’ premises.
When do programmes start?
CapaCiTi has new programmes launching every few months. By registering for our Careers Hub, you can browse any upcoming programmes but you’ll also be the first to know when we list new programmes.
After I apply for a programme, what happens?
Check your inbox! We’ll send you an online assessment to complete (let us know if you can’t access the internet to complete the test, and we’ll try our best to help you out). If successful, we will invite you to an info session and an interview.
Can I complete a programme part-time?
Unfortunately not, you need to be able to commit full time (5 days a week, occasionally weekends).
How long are the programmes?

They vary from 3-9 months, and all include an internship.

What if I am completing another course?
CapaCiTi programmes do require a full-time commitment. However, if your other programme classes take place in the evening, then it might work. Please be open with our team on all your curent commitments and we can advise if you will still be able to take part in our programme.  
Are there any other requirements to get into a programme?
In the later stages of the application process, we’ll do a credit check and work with you to ensure you’re able to commit to the programme pay it forward model.
What does it cost?
CapaCiTi will cover all the costs of the programme while you are still a student with us, and you will receive a monthly travel allowance. When you get a job (which we will help you find), you will start paying back your training loan in small, monthly installments which are related to your salary. The faster you progress in your career, more you earn, the quicker you will pay forward  the loan. When you pay the loan back to CapaCiTi, we will spend this money directly on another young South African’s training. You therefore are paying forward your opportunity, making a change in another person’s life. 


The brackets for repayment are:
a. 7.5% repayment per month for earnings R10,000+
b. 10% repayment per month for earnings R10,001 – R15,000
c. 12.5% repayment per month for earnings R15,001 and up. 


The cost of the programmes vary from R30,000 – R60,000. We will take you through the entire process at an info session so you fully understand what you’re committing to. We do everything we can to ensure that the prices are constant, however we may need to change the cost of a product, based on the package on offer.

Why are credit checks conducted?

This is to make sure that you don’t have any major existing debt already, and therefore it would be challenging for you to pay forward the training when you are employed. 

What do I get on completion?
You will receive a Certificate of Completion and, depending on which programme you complete, you might also have the opportunity to write a test/ exam for a further certificate. Most importantly, you will finish with the confidence and opportunity to succeed in the interviews CapaCiTi will set up for you.

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