CapaCiTi and African Bank nurture digital talent pipeline

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CapaCiTi Digital Career Accelerator is proud to have collaborated with African Bank to build and nurture digital talent.

The partnership saw African Bank as an employer benefitting from CapaCiTi’s digital offering by nurturing data science interns from the skills development programme.

“African Bank decided to invest in digital skills for young people for two reasons,” says Lindiwe Miyambu, the Group Executive for Human Capital at African bank.

“One, our purpose is to advance lives, and secondly, we’re aspiring to be a digital bank. That’s where we’re going.”

She adds that African Bank’s hope for the young people who participated in the digital data distillery is that they can become rounded corporate digital citizens of South Africa.

“It was important to find a partner that understood what we required, who understood where we wanted to go with data, and more importantly who could help find, guide, nurture us and the young people we wanted to bring into African Bank.”

Fiona Tabraham, the Chief Executive at CapaCiTi, says the Digital Career Accelerator was delighted to work with African Bank to nurture young minds.

“It was such a great experience to work with a corporate partner that understands the importance of growing and nurturing their own digital talent pipeline.”

Jason Webster, a facilitator for the programme, sees the skills acquired by the digital talent translate into the real world.

“My hope for the interns is that they go out into the world and start working towards changing it for the better.”

His sentiment is echoed by data science intern, Sphe.

“Having a technology-based career has essentially meant that I can essentially be a superhero in a way,” he says.

“It’s given me a chance to solve problems that couldn’t have been solved before.”