Supporting business owners and companies get the most out of skill tech junior staff.


The goal of TenaCiTi is to help tech SMMEs secure the best and most knowledgeable junior staff members for their operations.

The programme supports HR departments within businesses, teaches essential workplace skills to junior recruits, helps companies get the most out of staff, and looks to help financial bottom lines.

What is the TenaCiTi programme?
TenaCiTi is a six-month programme to help small businesses get the most out of their people. By providing HR support to the business, and essential workplace skills to the junior recruit, TenaCiTi helps small business owners develop highly productive employees that contribute directly to the bottom line. This innovative programme addressed the core people issues that inhibit growth and success in small businesses. Download the TenaCiTi Programme 2017.
Who can apply?


The programme is aimed at small and medium sized tech businesses doing impactful work in Cape Town with an annual turnover below R15 million. Employers must commit to working with the programme team and devoting the necessary business hours to the programme as well as releasing the junior recruit from work responsibilities to devote to the programme. Businesses should nominate junior staff (18-35 years old) who have the potential to grow given high touch development interventions.

What is the duration of the programme?

The programme runs for six months.

What HR support is offered to the business owner?

There are a number of one-to-one HR reviews and clinics, with group workshops and peer-to-peer facilitated sessions with our team of consultants. See programme. The items that relate to the business owner are: HR Bootcamp, HR Review, HR Clinic and Business Peer Group.

What format do the skills workshops take?

Seasoned and industry-relevant facilitators from redTrainingAcademy adopt a blended learning approach to derive maximum benefit out of each session to focus on the more practical application of skills. This means that before attending the sessions, participants are expected to read some pre-course material (theory), watch short prescribed videos and complete some assignments. During the contact sessions various methodologies are used to reinforce the key learnings within each of the topics

What topics are covered in the skills workshops for junior recruits?

The workshops cover a range of work readiness skills that enable junior recruits to make meaningful contributions to their company. These include, but are not limited to: Self-Awareness: EQ, attitude, motivation, resilience, personal agency; Expectations of a New Recruit; Professional Conduct in the Workplace; Communication and Presentation Skills; Organisational Culture and Customer Relations; Assertiveness and Conflict Management; Productivity and Time Management; Administration and Project Management; Teamwork. Download the Skills Manual 2017.

A range of other themes are also dealt with in other touch points in the programme, that include: Problem Solving; Financial Management; Understanding Entrepreneurship; Reflective Learning; Grit and Growth Mindset.

Where will the programme deliverables happen?

All sessions for the business owner and junior recruit take place at the TenaCiTi Lab, 2nd Floor, Block A, Woodstock Exchange, 66-68 Albert Road, Woodstock, 7925. The only exception is the HR Reviews that take place at the premises of each participating business.

How often will the business owner be expected to engage the programme?

On average there are two engagements each month where the business owner will need to participate. In addition to the preparatory activities aimed at generating the most benefits it amounts to about 50 hours for the duration of the programme. View programme. The items that relate to the business owner are: HR Bootcamp, HR Review, HR Clinic and Business Peer Group.

How many times a month will the junior recruit be expected to be at the lab?

The junior recruit will be expected to participate in all activities in the programme that average 5 engagements per month. With the reflective work to be completed in their own time it amounts to about 100 hours for the duration of the programme. See programme. More than 90% of the activities take place during working hours – only rarely do activities take place in the evenings. Business owner and recruit need to adjust their work schedules around the programmatic requirements.


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