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Meet InnoTech’s “IT” Girl – Educade’s Regina Kgatle

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Dynamic, transformational Electrical and Computer Engineering postgraduate student, a good friend to many, and a role model who is dedicated and committed to providing the highest standards and excellence to others. Born in Hammanskraal in Gauteng, 24 year old Regina Kgatle is one of three siblings brought up in a township by her parents and grandparents who worked hard to provide them with a noble life.


Raised by a family with a strong entrepreneurial background – they own and operate arcade games in township REGLIKEareas – it was inevitable that Regina would acquire those exceptional skills. She is the brains behind Educade, an educational arcade machine that makes learning fun for kids in primary school. The machines are loaded with games that support the school curriculum, helping to build strong foundations in learning. Her charisma and contribution to the technology and ICT industry has earned her national and international honourable mentions from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and the Mail & Guardian, among others.


Regina has relentlessly pushed to get to where she is today, she says, “I have always been an internet and tech person, but growing up in townships means we didn’t have the same opportunities as other kids. We had to work twice as hard.”


reglikgameShe acknowledges that her family played a huge role in contributing to her character and the person that she is today. “I was taught from a young age that I should make a living by doing something that I love, enjoy and am very passionate about.” Regina’s strong-willed personality blossoms when she speaks about the difference she wants to make in the lives of children, particularly those who don’t have access to games and supplementary learning materials. “I am building this mainly for the African child, however, we are not exclusive: Educade is a platform and a learning ground for all kids.”


She joined the Telkom InnoTech programme for direction, growth and validation for her idea. “In the four months that I have been in the programme, Educade has turned from a project to a real sustainable business that has so much potential.” Regina adds that she has discovered a lot about herself as well as her company, “InnoTech has taught me about how to be resilient; I underestimated myself and what my company could be. Now I don’t only speak gaming and tech, I also speak business.”


Her central project, #67GAMES, was officially launched in early December. The aim is to collect and curate 67 reglikmiceducational games for Mandela Day in 2016, and have these up and running at 67 under-resourced schools. #67GAMES has brought together developers, NPOs and education activists who have volunteered their skills and pledged to make this project a success.


Regina is excited about the route that the local gaming industry is taking and cannot wait to show the world the impact of African gaming. Educade and #67GAMES are game-changers, with the potential to change children’s lives and show how gaming can move beyond the console.


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